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This course FDP Design for WordPress is developed as part of FDP301x Mentoring Educators in Educational Technology offered by IITBombay.

FDP301x has a focus on blending the technological and pedagogical aspects that are required to effectively integrate technology into our regular teaching-learning practice. It is aimed at applying the skills that we have learnt in FDP101x and FDP201x to design our own FDP.

In this course we would like to create a course on how to use WordPress to crate once own website.This course consists of the following modules:

• Learning by Doing (LbD) – 8 mins (including reflexion question)
• Learning by Doing (LbD) – 5 mins (Ungraded)
• Learner Experience Interaction (LxI) – 10 mins
• Learning Extension Trajectories (LxT) – 15 mins
• Quizzes – 20 mins
• Resource Creation Assignment (RCA) related to WordPress
• Progress bar
Grading Policy
• Upload in Moodle